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About SaTT

The Smart Contract SaTT will change the relationship between advertisers and content editors!

SaTT, is a token to disrupt advertising transactions ! The SaTT is an ERC20 token created to facilitate advertising transactions with a smart contract. Using SaTT, payments between advertisers and publishers will be faster, more secure and cheaper by integrating advanced features such as calculations of the amounts to be paid through third-party statistical modules (oracles). Take part in the revolution and participate in SaTT ICO !

  • Instant transactions, safe and functional. No more late payments or expensive banking services.
  • A decentralized system for quantifying the results of a campaign thanks to third-party applications and smartcontract.
  • Thanks to SaTT, the world of advertising will move to blockhain generation and enter the web 3.0
Starts on :
May 1st, 2018
Ends on :
September 30th, 2018
Number of SaTT issues Hardcap: 420 000 000
SaTT decimals 18
token value $ 0.42
hardcap crowdsale $ 104 160 000
mincap crowdsale $ 7 560 000
protocol ERC20 ERC223
payment $/btc/eth

Frequently asked questions

SaTT tokens are tokens from a Ethereum smart contact, the tokens will be used for advertising transactions between advertisers and publishers.
The major interest of SaTT is the use of Smart Contract dialoguing with third-party APIs to quantify the performance of a campaign and evaluate the amount of the transaction.
Payments are immediate once the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees, and billing data is tamper-proof
You can get SaTT at the crowdsale easily thanks to our wallet. You can buy with ETH, BTC or transfer.
You can participate from exchange platforms such as Bitrex, Binance or any wallet, as well as by credit card using services such as transferwise.
Upon confirmation of receipt of payment, the corresponding SaTT are delivered on your wallet, you can then transfer them to any wallet ERC20 (MEW, Metamask, etc.) or use our application.
We love to chat with our community, do not hesitate to contact us!
Facebook page :
E-mail :
Find the bounty program on bitcointalk, you will find there the list of the bounty as well as the general rules:
We want the SaTT to be THE currency of advertising.
To have the means of the ambitions of the SaTT guarantees the success of the project which must benefit from a big promotion for its adoption, a qualified and very expensive technical team, to be able to finance the expenses of listing on the exchanges but also of being able to cover international licensing fees related to regulation.
All of this is extremely expensive. Also, we plan to launch a research and development department to study the opportunity to create our own protocol.

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